How Kompak Optimized its Logistics Processes with GoRamp

Discover how Kompak Nederland, a leader in the European FMCG industry, optimized its warehouse logistics using GoRamp's Time Slot Management System. Learn about their challenges, the solutions they implemented, and the tangible benefits they gained.

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Today, we're diving into a real-world example of how Kompak Nederland, an European leader in co-packing and co-making for the FMCG industry, optimized its logistics processes with GoRamp's Warehouse Management System (WMS). Specifically, we'll look at how the Time Slot Management feature has been a game-changer for Kompak's logistics operations.

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Kompak Nederland logistics process management with Warehouse management system

Lack of clarity for logistics operations

While Kompak's manufacturing operation was doing great, unfortunately, they noticed warehouse logistics processes struggled to keep up. Without having right tools to clearly see their performance it was difficult to improve their results while failing to understand the root of their issue. One thing was clear though, their loading capacity was smaller than arriving truckers were expecting. In short, Kompak main issues to address were:

  • Unclear warehouse performance
  • Limited loading capacity

They needed a tool that could not only provide clarity on these issues but also offer actionable insights for improvement.

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The Solution: Time Slot Management System

To tackle these challenges, Kompak implemented GoRamp's Time Slot management system. The Time Slot Management System simplifies logistics by offering a user-customizable warehouse schedule. All pertinent information is stored in one place, enhancing communication and productivity among employees. This centralized approach helps companies optimize performance and prevent overcrowding in their facilities. This feature solved all their logistics problems and allowed them to:

  • Create a clear, adaptable schedule for their warehouse operations
  • Efficiently utilize their loading ramps
  • Reduce the workload on their employees

Additionally, the system centralized all logistics data, making it easier to assess performance and make data-driven decisions.

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Quick impact with a simple solution

Within just a few days, Kompak had customized the system to fit their specific needs and began seeing immediate benefits:

Optimized processes allow employees to avoid manual information sorting and reduce communication issues while increasing performance. Their storage facility has also become more productive because they now have clearly distributed time slots, allowing the most efficient use of time and resources throughout the day. Consequently, arriving drivers can immediately be serviced, further improving overall time savings for Kompak's logistics operation.

When asked why GoRamp was chosen, Frits Hasselo, Kompak's Production Planner, said, “Your Time Slot Management System was easy to set up and use.” This underscores the system's user-friendly design and its alignment with the needs of logistics professionals.

If you're interested in how GoRamp's Warehouse Management System can benefit your business, don't hesitate to reach out for a demo. The case of Kompak Nederland shows that the right tools can make a significant difference in optimizing logistics operations, providing both clarity and efficiency where it's needed most.

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