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Optimize Your Supply Chain with GoRamp’s Advanced Contract and Carrier Management System

Manual assignments of the shipments and manual price calculations can lead to delays and financial losses for shippers. GoRamp's contract management solution understands the latest supply chain management challenges and helps to overcome them. From rate management to pricing optimization and cost savings, GoRamp ensures you capitalize on profitability. All this while improving carrier relationships and ensuring contract compliance.

Streamline carrier sourcing, manage carrier relationships and transportation costs
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Streamline carrier sourcing, manage carrier relationships and transportation costs

GoRamp shipment assignation with pricing and cost management

Intelligent shipment assignation with pricing and cost management

Eliminate the pains of manual assignment of shipments to your logistics providers. GoRamp's contract management system auto-calculates prices based on your provided pricing matrix, considering shipments delivery destination, routing, delivery times, and cargo quantities. Minimize idle capacity or capacity losses, avoid overloading, and utilize carriers more efficiently. GoRamp will unlock benefits from optimal freight rates and improved service levels.

GoRamp contract management dashboard with KPIs

Comprehensive dashboards for enhanced visibility and control

Track your shipments and contracted freight rates with ease. With GoRamp's management dashboards, gain valuable insights into your KPIs, like cost savings, surcharges, service levels, and more. Such insights will empower your logistics team, and help the company to fast-track carrier performance monitoring and improvement. These real-time tools empower you to make informed decisions while ensuring adherence to service-level agreements and benchmarks and improving the contract management process.

GoRamp allows to choose carries based on preferred criteria

Streamlined carrier sourcing through GoRamp's tendering platform

No more fragmented approaches to sourcing logistics service providers. GoRamp's innovative tendering platform and centralized contracts management system ensure consistent service quality and on-time deliveries for your customers. Shortlist and select world-class carriers based on predefined criteria and access a comprehensive database that aids in quick and efficient decision-making.

GoRamp is a brilliant system that helps to remove manual system like Excel for booking deliveries to a much more dynamic, accurate, and informative system.”

Paul Moore, Supply Chain Materials Lead at Pfizer

Pfizer uses GoRamp

Leap ahead with GoRamp's end-to-end Contract Management Solution

Dive into a world where your carrier contract management is seamless and drives business growth. With GoRamp, embrace optimization, enhance carrier relationships, ensure contract compliance, and transform your supply chain operations. Experience an unparalleled transportation management system backed by real-time insights.