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What is Pharmaceutical Logistics?

Pharmaceutical logistics refers to managing, storing, and transporting pharmaceutical goods from the manufacturing site to the customer or patient. This process must maintain the quality and integrity of the drugs, ensuring they remain effective and safe for use. It must also adhere to strict standards and regulations to ensure product safety, security, and traceability.

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Product Integrity & Compliance

Prioritize Sensitive Medical Shipments

GoRamp can ensure that time-sensitive and temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals are given priority in the scheduling system. This minimizes wait times and exposure to conditions that could compromise product integrity.

GoRamp prioritizes time-sensitive pharmaceuticals in scheduling, minimizing wait times and preserving product integrity
Prioritize Sensitive Medical Shipments

Secure & Efficient Carrier Selection

GoRamp's freight management system allows for the selection of carriers that meet strict criteria for handling pharmaceuticals, including security measures and experience with temperature-sensitive shipments.

GoRamp selects carriers meeting strict pharmaceutical handling criteria, ensuring security and temperature-sensitive expertise
Secure & Efficient Carrier Selection

Regulatory Compliance & Audit Trails

With GoRamp analytics, you can generate detailed reports on shipment arrivals, handling, and departures, to save you time in creating these reports manually for audits.

GoRamp analytics automates detailed shipment reports, saving audit time
Regulatory Compliance & Audit Trails

See what our customers are saying about us

GoRamp is a brilliant system that helps to remove manual working system like excel for booking deliveries to a much more dynamic, accurate, and informative booking system.
Paul Moore
Supply Chain Materials Lead at Pfizer
We've reduced admin time increased productivity. GoRamp is very easy to use and benefits of not requiring staff to monitor booking request emails.
Michael McGloin
Account Manager at DHL Australia Post
GoRamp saves our Receiving Group significant amounts of time by reducing phone calls and e-mails. GoRamp is very easy to use and has an almost instant return on investment.
Mark Kapostasy
Global Procurement Manager
Due to changing from first come first serve to appointment based, we have seen a decrease in wait times for trucks by roughly 85%.
Mitchell Peck
Supply Chain Director at Peak Performance Products
Approx. 90% of our suppliers  are using this system. GoRamp is the best option regarding the functionality and price.
Jakub Matusiak
Purchasing Specialist at Inter Metal
The primary challenge we've faced was traffic management. Would I recommend GoRamp to others? Yes!
Dave Nichols
Project Manager at Alliance Automotive
GoRamp software is extremely convenient to use and eliminates tedious manual work.
Fatih Ozdemir
Director at Barsan Global Logistics
Efficient, simple, and cost-friendly logistics solution. We undoubtedly saved costs & expanded our carrier contact range. The system is very simple and clear!
Aliona Korol-Klevecke,
Head of Sales at Bauroc
GoRamp is simple, easy-to-use & has features most logistics officers need.
Frits Hasselo
Production Planner at Kompak

Why Choose GoRamp?

Quick Set-up &Configuration

GoRamp is easy to set up and customize. Initial configuration takes about 15 minutes, and your team is onboarded in an hour or less. Training is also available where necessary.

Personalized Support

Immediately after registration, you will be assigned a customer success manager, who will be your direct contact for easy support. The technical support team is also available to address technical needs.

User-friendly Interface

GoRamp’s interface is very easy to use and understand. You can easily visualize and customize your assets, docks, and schedule with simple clicks and drag-and-drop.

Customized Features

There are lots of customized features from dashboards to APIs to Single Sign On (SSO) security features to help you further improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

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