Streamline Your Carrier Sourcing with GoRamp's Spot Bidding Solution for Shippers

Manual searches for carriers in the spot market in the current market conditions can be challenging and frustrating. GoRamp's Spot Bidding system empowers shippers’ procurement teams, enabling them to source the right vehicles seamlessly. Streamline communication with shippers, and secure the best spot rate - all integrated using our robust automation and API.

One-click carrier sourcing to simplify, optimize and automate your spot bidding process
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One-click carrier sourcing to simplify and automate your spot bidding

Unleash the power of historical freight rate data

Real-time spot bidding

Find the benchmark freight rates for your logistics needs with our real-time spot bidding feature that levels the playing field. With all bids received in one place and carriers and forwarders competing for your attention, you gain the power to select the most cost-effective bid price. Say goodbye to high market rates and hello to budget-friendly, competitive carrier prices that help lower your supply chain costs.

Seamless cross-functional communication in spot market

Unleash the power of historical freight rate data

GoRamp’s Spot Bidding solution provides shippers with excellent deals from carriers and forwarders and helps aggregate a comprehensive history of freight rates. With accessible and exportable historical data, you can effortlessly assess offers per direction, calculate the lowest/average market prices, and identify the most efficient carriers for specific routes. Equip yourself with actionable insights to make smarter strategic decisions for your logistics in any market conditions.

Cross functional communication in spot market

Seamless cross-functional communication in spot market

Our Spot Bidding algorithm system provides multi-user access, presents easy-to-read data, and enables competitive bidding and paperless shipments. Keep your entire team updated in real-time without spending extra time on communication or file transfers. Change the way you manage logistics procurement with the power of efficient, transparent teamwork with GoRamp.

GoRamp is a brilliant system that helps to remove manual system like Excel for booking deliveries to a much more dynamic, accurate, and informative system.”

Paul Moore, Supply Chain Materials Lead at Pfizer

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