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Yard Management Service Solution

The yard is a critical component of supply chain management, yet it often faces significant bottlenecks. Constraints such as limited space versus the volume of inbound and outbound trucks, transport flow, distribution center workload, and fluctuating business volumes are common.

However, the solution is not to physically expand your yard but to optimize it. Our cloud-based Yard Management System (YMS) employs automation to streamline and refine your yard operations.

It's time to move beyond the tedious, error-prone manual processes that have long plagued yard management. Say goodbye to the chaotic paper trails, the endless spreadsheets for scheduling, and the cumbersome task assignments via verbal or written orders.

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What is a Yard Management System (YMS)? 

A Yard Management System assists in avoiding yard congestion. This solution minimizes truck lineups, yard activity backlogs, truck idle time, and manual processes leading to fines. With the added functionality of real-time visibility in our yard management service, you may optimize and load trucks more efficiently, maximizing gate throughput even when the yard seems full.

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Why do you need a Yard Management Solution?


Saved transportation costs through streamlined operations


Real-time reductions in driver waiting time


Automation-led reduction in operational work

The benefits of GoRamp yard management service

“We have been using the GoRamp system for over a year and it is hard to imagine a return to old working principles. We save 50 percent of our working time in the first months of work!”

Aliona K.,
Purchasing Manager

Comprehensive real-time visibility

GoRamp's yard management service provides a digital eagle-eye yardview. This real-time visibility extends to every asset, from tractors to trailers, ensuring you have up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. Make informed, timely decisions to reduce bottlenecks and enhance the overall flow of yard activities.

Streamlined digital scheduling

Our online time slot booking calendar changes how you manage dock doors, appointment scheduling, and asset allocation. This feature alleviates the time-consuming and error-prone manual scheduling process, paving the way for efficient inbound and outbound logistics.

Dynamic yard mapping

GoRamp YMS offers a dynamic, interactive yard map that provides a layout for managing parking, dock management, and yard checks. This functionality is essential for optimizing space and resources in real time.

End-to-end integration

GoRamp yard management service seamlessly integrates with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS). This integration ensures a cohesive workflow, reducing manual processes and enhancing communication between shippers, providers, and internal teams.

Automated task management

GoRamp YMS automatically sends notifications to the right person when tasks are created and allows for easy task creation and management through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. This feature significantly reduces manual intervention, minimizing errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

SaaS flexibility and cloud-based access

As a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, GoRamp YMS offers flexibility and accessibility. You can access your yard management dashboard from anywhere, allowing for on-the-go decision-making and continuous monitoring of yard operations.

How does GoRamp YMS work?

Step 1 — Create digital blueprint
Step 1

Create a digital blueprint of your yard

Create a digital layout of your yard to set the foundation for synchronized physical and virtual operations.

Step 2 — Define yard elements
Step 2

Define your yard elements

Add gates, parking lots, and road networks to your digital yard to easily manage the movement of vehicles and goods.

Step 3 — Visualize and collaborate
Step 3

Visualize and collaborate

Invite your team to a shared visual workspace for a live, interactive yard management experience.

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