How Fudo Improved Warehouse Efficiency with GoRamp

Discover how FUDO, a leading enterprise in the Baltic region's forest goods industry, transformed its warehouse operations using GoRamp's Warehouse Management System.

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UAB FUDO is one of the largest Lithuanian and all the Baltic region enterprises, which has been working in the business of forest goods since 1997. The company provides the best forest berries and mushrooms, produces wooden packaging, and offers cold storehouse rooms for lease and services of customs terminals.

With subdivisions in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, FUDO faced a challenge that was becoming increasingly common in modern warehouses: inefficiency

Challenge: Too many operational bottlenecks

Ramūnas K., the Head of Logistics, realized their operational performance was hitting a wall, particularly in their warehousing division.

Long waiting times became present without a structure to accommodate incoming truck drivers fluently, and there was obvious tension among all parties involved.

Here's what they were up against:

  • Driver Dilemma: Long waiting times were a headache for truck drivers, undermining efficient logistics.
  • Truck Traffic: A lack of organized systems led to frequent truck bottlenecks at the warehouse, resembling a poorly played game of Snake rather than a streamlined operation.
wms system
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Take control and enhance your yard operations with GoRamp Yard Management Software

Deploying GoRamp's Warehouse Management System (WMS)

After assessing various options, FUDO chose GoRamp's Warehouse Management System. The decision wasn't just about cost-effectiveness; GoRamp offered an intuitive platform that addressed the heart of FUDO's challenges.

Time-Slot Management: Incorporating a Time Slot management feature helped allocate specific time windows for truck arrivals, reducing congestion and ensuring smoother operations.

Unified Communication: The GoRamp platform centralized all the critical operational details, making it easier for staff to coordinate without the noise of unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

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The outcome: From chaos to order

Post-implementation, the problems solved by the time slot management solution were evident and significant:

Efficiency galore: The previously problematic long waits for drivers and truck queues were history. The operation had moved from a game of Snake to something far more organized, let's call it "Operational Tetris."

Cost-effectiveness: GoRamp's competitive subscription pricing fits well within FUDO's budget, making the overhaul financially sustainable.

Ease of use: The intuitive user interface meant that the team adapted quickly, thereby eliminating one of the most common bottlenecks in new system implementation—employee resistance.

FUDO advised that they chose GoRamp as their Warehouse management system provider due to very affordable subscription costs and their need for an easy-to-use innovative solution. We are glad to provide a logistics solution for another of our customers and hope for a long-lasting relationship for the years to come.

FUDO's experience isn't unique; many companies navigate similar logistical challenges. FUDO took a proactive approach to resolving its operational challenges using GoRamp, and the results were compelling. With the right tools and strategy, you can achieve similar success in your warehousing operations.

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