How to Streamline the Logistics Chain in a Manufacturing Company with GoRamp

Optimize your manufacturing logistics with our comprehensive software. Discover 5 key features that streamline your supply chain, enhance collaboration, reduce delays, automate carrier searches, and manage costs effectively.

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Managing logistics in manufacturing is like juggling a lot of balls in the air. You've got multiple moving parts to consider, like sourcing raw materials, keeping production lines going, and shipping finished goods while ensuring quality and efficiency. 

Throw in unpredictable variables like supplier delays, transportation issues, or fluctuating demand, and it's clear why logistics can be a real headache. You drop the ball somewhere, and your entire production workflow can come crashing down.

This is exactly why we created GoRamp: to provide you with the tools you need to navigate these complexities more easily. 

GoRamp is designed to simplify and optimize your logistics operations with a wide range of features. In this article, we'll explore five crucial areas that you are most likely struggling with as a logistics manager and show you how we streamline those processes for you.

1. Manage inventory levels and orders with our Order Management feature

We are just going to come out and say it. Stop using spreadsheets to manage your inventory, orders, or anything in your supply chain processes. Modern manufacturing and logistics have many moving parts, from changing customer demands to interconnected freight routes. 

Spreadsheets don’t cut it anymore if you want to be efficient and profitable. Using them can lead to a lot of problems like incorrect order IDs, delayed shipments, and inefficient warehouse operations

GoRamp has an order management system with detailed inventory tracking down to the SKU level. You can access your stock levels, purchase orders, and customer orders all in one place. 

Multi-functional order workflow

By integrating with various platforms like marketplaces, ERP, and CRM systems, GoRamp ensures that your sales orders are processed accurately. This streamlines your workflow and improves inventory visibility, helping you make data-driven decisions for pricing and stock levels. 

GoRamp allows you to upload all of your unplanned orders from different sources automatically. It also provides real-time updates via API for things like planned loading, carrier detail changes, or delivery delays. This means you're always in the loop and can manage resources more effectively without worrying about unexpected hiccups.

Discover your company's supply chain maturity in just minutes
Discover your company's supply chain maturity in just minutes
Discover your company's supply chain maturity in just minutes
Discover your company's supply chain maturity in just minutes

2. Enhance partner collaboration with our Dock Scheduling Solution

One of the underestimated aspects of logistics is the hand-off between your manufacturing operations and your transportation partners. The process sounds simple enough—get the goods on the truck and send them off—but anyone in the industry knows it's rarely that straightforward.

There are bottlenecks at the loading dock, poor coordination with carriers, and last-minute changes that can all turn this seemingly simple step into a logistical nightmare.

GoRamp’s dock scheduling feature cuts down all the manual work and eliminates the chaos. Think of it as your digital traffic controller, coordinating the arrival and departure of trucks, assigning docks, and ensuring a smooth flow of goods. 

It provides clear visibility of your dock occupancy throughout the day and helps you plan truck loading/unloading in advance. You can schedule times for inbound and outbound freight deliveries and reduce truck queues at the yard.

All the scheduled times are available online in real-time for your logistics partners to see, saving you the headache of frantic phone calls. It's all about working together more effectively.

3. Eliminate loading/unloading delays with our Queue Management System

Truck queues are costly in every way. They tie up your resources, irritate your drivers, and can even lead to late delivery penalties.

Our queue management system is designed to address this pain point directly. Instead of a chaotic, first-come, first-served approach, our software uses real-time data and smart algorithms to manage truck arrivals and departures. 

GoRamp facilitates effective dock scheduling and queue management

Shippers and carriers can book time slots for truck arrivals at the warehouse in advance. This eliminates the risk of overlapping arrivals and truck congestion. You get a dynamic queue that keeps things moving efficiently, reducing idle times and making the most of your loading docks. 

It also provides visibility into the queuing process for all stakeholders. Trucking companies can see estimated wait times and plan accordingly while you get a bird's-eye view of your docks' productivity.

Just fill out a simple form, and we'll tailor the setup to match the unique demands of your warehouse or distribution center
Just fill out a simple form, and we'll tailor the setup to match the unique demands of your warehouse or distribution center
Just fill out a simple form, and we'll tailor the setup to match the unique demands of your warehouse or distribution center
Just fill out a simple form, and we'll tailor the setup to match the unique demands of your warehouse or distribution center

4. Automate your carrier search with our Spot Bidding feature

Finding the right carrier at the right price is a big deal. You might be dealing with tight deadlines, specific handling requirements, or budget constraints. The traditional way involves reaching out to multiple carriers, waiting for quotes, and then comparing them—all while the clock is ticking.

GoRamp’s spot-bidding feature is a game-changer in this respect. It automates the whole carrier search process. You input your shipping requirements, and the software sends it out to a network of qualified carriers. They place their bids, and you get to choose the one that fits your needs best, all in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

The feature offers transparency into each carrier's pricing, reliability, and service quality, so you're not just picking the cheapest option—you're picking the best option for your specific needs.

5. Manage transportation costs with our advanced Contract Management feature

Transportation costs can quickly spiral out of control if you're not keeping a close eye on them. Often, businesses find themselves locked into carrier contracts that aren't as cost-effective as they initially seemed, leading to budget overruns and strained finances.

Our software's advanced carrier contracts management feature helps you avoid this pitfall. The feature allows you to input contract terms, rate structures, and other key details and then compare them against real-time shipping data to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

GoRamp's contract management system auto-calculates prices based on your provided pricing matrix, like shipment delivery destination, routing, delivery times, and cargo quantities. There are also dashboards that give you valuable insights into your KPIs, like cost savings, surcharges, service levels, and more.

One of the biggest perks here is the ability to catch hidden costs before they catch you. Additional fees, fuel surcharges, and other variable costs are all accounted for, giving you a more accurate picture of your total spend.

GoRamp is an all-round solution for logistics management

At GoRamp, we adopt a more streamlined, efficient, and data-driven approach that aligns perfectly with your manufacturing needs. We thought of everything that can take the complexity and headache out of managing your manufacturing logistics and put it in a software.

With our solution, you're not just getting individual tools; you're getting an integrated system that works seamlessly to make your logistics smarter and your life easier.
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