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You Have 1 New Message: Introducing an SMS Communication Solution

We have launched an automated SMS communication solution that allows your warehouse personnel to contact the driver via SMS to inform them that cargo is available for loading. Here is how you can eliminate unnecessary delays and streamline your warehouse logistics processes with an SMS communication solution brought by GoRamp.

Here is a typical situation – your warehouse team is ready to load cargo and the driver is parked somewhere nearby, waiting for a signal to pick up the cargo. What happens next? In most cases, the driver would come asking warehouse workers if the cargo is ready or warehouse personnel would contact the driver. Or all this communication would happen through managers, expanding the communication circle even more. In any case, no one is always 100% available to give or forward information instantly, phone numbers get lost, and people make mistakes, resulting in even longer waiting times.

The SMS communication solution makes all these situations a thing of the past. When cargo is ready for loading, the driver automatically receives that small, yet vital piece of information. Or in other words, as soon as cargo status is set to Prepared, SMS is automatically sent to the driver with loading details. This feature ensures that processes won’t stop because someone was missing a piece of information.

“With this feature, we aim to further increase the efficiency of shipping processes. A significant amount of savings come from improvements in the process itself – purchasing, order and shipment handling, warehouse management and now communication with the driver. By automating operational tasks with our platform, we enable people to focus on things that create higher value” says GoRamp Product lead Remigijus V.
communication in warehouse
Warehouse management system GoRamp enables smooth communication between all departments

Powered by Infobip

To make sure that SMS messages will always reach their destination, we went for the best technology provider and partnered with Infobip – a global leader in omnichannel communications. With direct connections to 650 global telecom partners that connect to 65% of the world’s mobile devices, Infobip successfully delivers over 100 billion messages a year. Thus, you can be sure that messages will always reach their recipients.

Inside GoRamp

When creating a reservation, you will find a new field named SMS text. Here you can edit the SMS text. As a default, SMS text contains warehouse and loading dock titles and reservation start-end date with time. SMS text is also fully editable by the user.

SMS is automatically triggered when cargo status is changed to Prepared and is sent to a number in the field Telephone.

The SMS that the driver receives, will show your company name (or at least the first 11 symbols of it) as a sender’s name. However, the driver won’t be able to reply to the sender’s number.

sms communication
With SMS communication solution GoRamp is increasing the efficiency of shipping processes

SMS communication solution can be activated separately for each account.

Try It Yourself

Eliminate unnecessary waiting times and streamline your loading processes with an SMS communication solution. More on improving your warehouse processes read our blog "How and When to Modernize Your Warehouse Logistics?"

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