Logistics & Warehouse Technology Events to Visit in 2022

Discover the latest logistics and warehouse innovations at top trade shows and conferences in 2022. Improve efficiency with new technologies and solutions.

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The world of logistics and warehousing is changing faster than ever and to stay competitive, everyone in the supply chain must keep up. Operations are getting more complex, shipment volumes are at an all-time high and lack of resources, from warehouse space to the truck drivers, puts a lot of pressure on the entire supply chain. A tense and rapidly changing environment forces companies to look for new ways to improve their efficiency and optimize processes. Here are the event that present warehouse's and logistics' innovations.

Adapting new technologies and innovations is one of the quickest ways to achieve efficiency goals. But where do you begin? Should you begin by getting a Dock scheduling platform or maybe upgrading your TMS? Getting on the right path quickly is important but not so easy.

Logistics & Warehouse technology events
Adapting technologies and innovations such as Warehouse management system is one of the quickest ways to achieve efficiency goals

Here is where the specialized trade shows and conferences truly shine. There is no arguing - a specialized trade show is the best place to quickly find new technologies and solutions for your operations. Connecting with professionals face-to-face is still one of the most effective ways to solve issues and find new opportunities.
Here are our top recommendations for logistics and warehouse technology events to visit in 2022.

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Take control and enhance your yard operations with GoRamp Yard Management Software

TransLogistica Poland

7-9 November 2022 in Warsaw, Poland

TransLogistica Poland, the 9th International Transport and Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw is the biggest business event for transport, freight forwarding and logistics professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. It also attracts many producers and distributors looking for transport and logistics services. In 2019, TransLogistica had 285 exhibitors and over 8000 visitors.


Logistics Summit

5-6 October 2022 in Hamburg, Germany

Logistics Summit puts focus on digitalization and innovation in the logistics sector. Here you can find digital innovations for intralogistics as well as transport logistics. Two days event will also feature a series of top-class speakers, workshops and panel discussions among leading experts.


Logistics & Warehouse technology events
Digitalization and innovation are essential at the logistics sector

The Supply Chain & Logistics Expo

10 March 2022 in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Supply Chain & Logistics Expo attracts over 1000 senior supply chain & logistics management from key sectors such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, transport and others. Key event topics focus around exponential technology growth, process improvement and optimization, Brexit, blockchain and the internet of things.


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Logistics & Distribution Dortmund

18-19 May 2022 in Dortmund, Germany

Logistics & Distribution Dortmund is a trade fair for intralogistics and material flow with over 220 exhibitors and nearly 3000 visitors. Although it is a regional trade show, mainly for North and Central Germany, this event is highly recommended by 98% of its visitors and exhibitors.


Logistics & Warehouse technology events
GoRamp provides solutions of Warehouse management and supply chain innovation

MODEX 2022

28-37 March 2022 in Atlanta, USA

MODEX show is where the future of manufacturing, transportation, and supply chains comes together. From educational opportunities to the next-generation technology and equipment in action, MODEX show gives a hands-on look at cutting-edge solutions and the latest trends.


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