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Benefits of Warehouse Management System

Did you know that standard European trailer is 13.6 meters long? If you didn’t before, now you do. If you wonder how this is relevant, picture loads of trucks equipped with such trailers queuing around warehouse premises for all day. Such sight was regular for Iceco group before they integrated Warehouse management system (WMS). Sharing their experience with us today - Head of Logistics, Andrius Morkus.

Benefits of WMS
Iceco Assets is part of Iceco group, responsible for renting and operating own or leased real estate as well as taking care of their food production distribution. The company is around since 2010 and it has not missed a beat coming to the place it is today.

WMS and TMS - Warehouse Efficiency Solution

Along their journey of growth, Iceco has not avoided their challenges. One of them being the queues of trucks slowly piling up, negatively impacting daily operation. Since there were no clear guidelines to manage daily traffic flow, overcrowding certain parts of the day was common, along with additional communication related issues. As a food product manufacturer, it was necessary to take some action to resolve such a crucial issue:

  • Truck congestions at company premises

During their logistics solution searches, Iceco Assets have approached GoRamp as a potential resolution to their problem. To become a solution, we have offered two of our systems – Time Slot management system and Transportation management system. Time Slot provides ability to structurize warehouse operation by digitalizing all relevant communication and providing clear performance indicators allowing to further improve efficiency. TMS allows simple transportation order creation and execution while providing ability to instantly expand your range of carriers, allowing you to select only the best transportation service providers.

To help you choosing a right logistics partner we wrote a blog "6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Logistics Partner".

Benefits of WMS
Using Time Slot management system operation costs have been reduced by 25%

Efficient Management of Coming Traffic

After the implementation of these logistics solutions for their warehouses, Iceco has advised us about positive results that were achieved. Daily flow of incoming vehicles became structurized, eliminating congestions and allowing Iceco to increase their efficiency, while decreasing operational time spent by 50%. Not only time was saved though, operational costs have also been reduced by 25%! Summarizing, GoRamp software accounted for:

  • Incoming and outcoming truck traffic has been successfully managed,
  • Operational time savings amount up to 50%
  • Operation costs have been reduced by 25%!
We are happy that yet another customer of ours selected GoRamp due to its quick and easy setup and overall easy usage – key factors in an efficient distribution process as a food product manufacturer. We are happy that Iceco chose us as their warehouse logistics solution, and we hope they remain one of our precious clients for years to come.

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