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Efficiency and low operating costs are crucial elements in a seamless transportation management system. Learn how GoRamp can help improve your supply chain needs.

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Benefits of Transportation Management System

Aliona Korol-Klevečke from Bauroc
Bauroc reduced their transportation costs by 20% using GoRamp's TMS

Finding the right solutions for your challenges while growing your business is not an easy task. When it comes to warehouse logistics – it doesn’t get any easier either. Today we have Aliona Korol-Klevečke, Head of Sales at Bauroc sharing with us how selecting GoRamp's Transporation management system as their logistics solution impacted their business.

Bauroc UAB is a member of Bauroc AS, which specializes in the production of aerated concrete. Bauroc is a porous concrete block masonry system that meets the highest building standards. It is an ideal choice for building energy-efficient, passive houses. The first unit was manufactured in 2001 at a newly opened factory in Estonia. In its day-to-day operations, Bauroc UAB is guided primarily by the company’s internal policy of prioritizing product quality and environmental protection. You can find more details at their website.
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Limited and Expensive Transportation With a Spice of Inefficiency  

One of the key issues to address for Bauroc was a handful of available carriers for their products. Having few options for transportation is already stressful, but alongside it was accompanied by high transportation prices, further negatively impacting their distribution process, forcing Bauroc to take on less favourable merchandise moving contracts. On top of it aerated concrete manufacturing company was not happy with their current managerial efficiency, mainly due to lengthy and time-consuming processes that had to be done for each order. So, the main issues for Bauroc to tackle were:  

  • Limited selection of available Carriers
  • Lack of managerial efficiency
  • High transportation costs
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Efficient, Simple, and Cost-friendly Logistics  

We can all agree that efficiency and operating costs are crucial elements in a prosperous business, and to help Bauroc improve both elements – Transportation management system was introduced. Order management & Control along with Freight Procurement provided access to a much more diverse carriers list, providing a more direct environment that allows you to get the best available prices and optimize logistics order creation and assignation. Analytics module with KPI’s provides the ability to evaluate Bauroc employee's efficiency as well as make sure that newly found carriers are meeting their criteria.  

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According to Aliona improvements have been already noticeable within 2 months of usage and after 2 years, they have optimized their supply chain increasing time savings by 50%. This was achieved due to the simplified cargo assignation process, allowing employees to achieve better results while doing less manual labour. While the ability to expand their network of carriers and finding the right service providers for given tasks has reduced their transportation costs by 20%. In short – Bauroc achievements using GoRamp are:

  • Expanded range of Carriers  
  • Simplified cargo assignation process  
  • Transportation costs were reduced by 20%  
  • Operational time savings increased by 50%
Response to inquiry why GoRamp was chosen as Bauroc logistics solution was simple – easy and efficient for their employees to use while providing great results. We are glad to fill the role of Transport management system provider for another happy customer and we will remain working hard to accumulate a never-ending list of such customers.  

Planning your warehouse logistics can be nerve-wrecking responsibility. It's good to learn from the experience of others and Sakret shared their experience with TMS implementation.

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