How Bauroc Cut Transportation Costs by 20% with GoRamp FMS

Explore Bauroc UAB's success story with GoRamp’s Transportation Management System. See how they expanded their carrier range, streamlined cargo processes, cut transportation costs by 20%, and boosted operational efficiency by 50%,

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Growing a business brings its own set of challenges, especially in the realm of warehouse logistics. Aliona Korol-Klevečke, Head of Sales at Bauroc UAB, shares how GoRamp's Freight Management System (FMS) has been a game-changer in addressing their logistics challenges and fostering business growth.

Bauroc UAB, part of Bauroc AS, is renowned for its specialization in aerated concrete production. Known for its porous concrete block masonry system, Bauroc’s products are synonymous with high building standards, making them an ideal choice for energy-efficient and passive houses. Since producing their first unit in 2001 in Estonia, Bauroc UAB has consistently adhered to its internal policy of emphasizing product quality and environmental protection.
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Limited, expensive, and inefficient transportation

Bauroc faced significant hurdles in their logistics operations, primarily related to carrier limitations and inefficiencies:

  • Limited carrier Options: The company had access to only a handful of carriers for transporting their products, limiting their flexibility and bargaining power.
  • High transportation Costs: This limitation was compounded by the high logistics costs, which negatively impacted their distribution process and forced them to accept less favorable contracts.
  • Managerial inefficiency: The existing processes for managing orders were lengthy and time-consuming, leading to reduced managerial efficiency and productivity.
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Efficient, simple, and cost-friendly TMS  

To address these challenges, Bauroc UAB implemented GoRamp’s transportation management solution, which offered comprehensive solutions:

  • Order management & control: This module provided Bauroc with a streamlined process for logistics order creation and assignment, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Freight procurement: With access to a wider range of carriers, Bauroc could negotiate better prices and optimize their logistics operations.
  • Analytics and KPIs: The system’s analytics module enabled Bauroc to evaluate employee efficiency and ensure that new carriers met their criteria.

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According to Aliona, the adoption of GoRamp’s TMS brought about noticeable improvements within just two months of usage:

  • Expanded carrier range: Bauroc significantly broadened its network of carriers, providing more options and better negotiation leverage.
  • Simplified cargo assignation process: The streamlined process reduced manual labor and improved employee productivity.
  • Reduced transportation costs: By expanding their carrier options and optimizing logistics processes, Bauroc achieved a 20% reduction in transportation costs.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Overall, the company saw a 50% increase in time savings, illustrating the significant impact of GoRamp’s TMS on their operations.
Bauroc selected GoRamp’s TMS for its simplicity and efficiency, finding it easy for their employees to use and effective in delivering results. This user-friendly aspect was key in their decision-making process.  

Bauroc UAB’s experience with GoRamp demonstrates the crucial role of an effective TMS in overcoming logistics challenges. Their success story is an inspiration for businesses looking to enhance their logistics operations and grow their business.

For businesses facing similar logistics challenges, GoRamp offers tailored solutions to streamline operations. To learn more about how we can assist in optimizing your logistics processes, contact us for a demo and further information.

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