How Elme Metall Reduced Costs and Saved Time By 25% with GoRamp

Explore Elme Metall's journey to optimizing their supply chain with GoRamp’s WMS, achieving significant time and cost savings

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In the manufacturing industry, the efficiency of logistics operations is crucial for ensuring that goods reach end customers effectively. Tautvilas Barauskas, director of Litmark MK, Elme Metall division in Lithuania, shares insights on how GoRamp’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been instrumental in enhancing their supply chain management on their quest for flawless logistics.

Elme Metall is the largest metal service center in the Baltic States and Scandinavia, offering a wide range of services from engineering to fabrication of integrated steel solutions. Their recent expansion includes a new production and logistics complex in Lithuania's Klaipeda Free Economic Zone, marking a significant step in their growth.
time and cost savings in supply chain
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Challenges faced: congestion and limited ramp space

Elme Metall wanted improvements in its transportation operations as its warehouse struggled with accommodating the influx of incoming traffic. This lack of an organized system led to uneven truck flow distribution throughout the day, resulting in long queues and delays. 

These issues were further compounded by an imperfect internal communication model, leading to miscommunication and human errors that slowed overall operational speed. The primary goals Eme Metall wanted to achieve were:

  • Distributing daily truck flow evenly.
  • Reducing truck queues.
  • Avoiding penalty costs due to delays.
  • Simplifying internal communication.
time and cost savings in supply chain
With GoRamp's Warehouse management system operating costs were reduced by 25%

The impact of GoRamp’s Time Slot Management on Elme Metall's supply chain

At GoRamp, we proposed our Time Slot Management System as a solution to these challenges. Its simple interface allowed Elme Metall staff to distribute workload efficiently while preventing congestion. This system also centralized all details in one place, facilitating smoother communication and reducing the risk of errors in the order process.

Following the integration of GoRamp’s warehouse management solutions, notable improvements were observed:

  • Improved communication: The supply chain communication became more effective and transparent with real-time visibility.
  • Controlled traffic flow: The system managed the flow of incoming traffic, eliminating congestion and jams around the warehouse.
  • Reduced waiting times: Drivers experienced shorter waiting periods, alleviating pressure on warehouse staff.
  • Significant cost and time Savings: Elme Metall achieved a 25% reduction in operating costs and a similar increase in time savings.
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Stepping towards perfection in warehouse management

Elme Metall's decision to choose GoRamp was influenced by its quick-to-integrate and easy-to-use interface. This user-friendliness was crucial in elevating their logistics operations to new levels of efficiency.

Elme Metall's experience with GoRamp is a testament to the effectiveness of a well-implemented WMS in optimizing supply chain operations. Their journey towards improved logistics showcases the potential for significant cost and time savings, setting a benchmark in the industry.

For those looking to enhance their warehouse processes, the experience of companies like Viking Malt can offer additional insights. If you are interested in exploring GoRamp solutions and how they can benefit your business, contact us for a demo and further information.

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