IMLITEX HOLDINGS - Resolved Issues Using Warehouse Management System

Discover how IMLITEX HOLDINGS Logistics improved their warehouse efficiency by 25% with GoRamp's Warehouse Management System. Read their success story now.

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Resolved Issues Using Warehouse Management System

The best way to start a new working week is with a positive attitude, therefore we are glad to share one more success story from GoRamp customer. Sharing their experience with Warehouse management system implementation to their Lithuanian warehouses is IMLITEX HOLDINGS Logistics service manager Adrija Bakanė.

IMLITEX HOLDINGS is the most diversified commodity and raw materials distribution group in Eastern Europe. Their activities are grouped into nine business segments diversifying on different products: Imlitex Agro, Biofuel, Energy, Food, Industry, Package, Plastics, Services, Textile. Today, IMLITEX HOLDINGS has trade relations in 70 countries worldwide, with their main trade markets in Europe. The company sells 1.500.000 tons of raw materials each year, generating 350 mln Euros turnover.

Locating Warehouse Management Issues

IMLITEX daily operation was experiencing issues with even distribution of loading trucks throughout working hours, which had an impact on warehouse efficiency. Such issues also caused queues of trucks to accumulate resulting in further efficiency loss and potential penalties for transportation companies. Furthermore complicated communication methods used, also contributed to already existing problems. In short:

  • Truck congestions around warehouse
  • Uneven distribution of daily traffic
  • Complicated communication
Warehouse Management System
GoRamp's Dock scheduling system helps to keep order in a warehouse and yard

WMS Uses to Increase Warehouse Logistics Efficiency

After hearing such issues, we at GoRamp had a solution for such issues – Time Slot management system. With help of digital WMS you are able to quickly optimize your logistics processes. Take full control of your warehouse schedule with ability to book separate loading times, cap the number of operating ramps at a time. All information can be stored in single location, allowing your employees to achieve better results in shorter period of time.

After implementing TMS into their logistics operation Imlitex shared that due to the straightforward system they have greatly improved communication on whole supply chain while reducing human errors and increasing productivity. With online schedules, daily flow of trucks was handled, allowing warehouse to increase their work capacity and eliminate piling up queues of vehicles. Combination of these improvements have resulted in 25% operational time savings. So, since Warehouse management software implementation to IMLITEX their achieved results are:

  • Improved relations between whole supply chain
  • Traffic flow has been distributed throughout the whole working day, reducing congestions.
  • Increased efficiency generated time savings of 25%
We are happy that one of the main reasons GoRamp was selected – easy to use interface, which is crucial in the manufacturing industry, as well as it is for other fields. We are grateful to IMLITEX for trusting our Dock scheduling product and we hope that it is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Are you also dealing with truck congestions and complicated communication? It is time to consider Warehouse management system as many companies did including Kompak, Iceco and Viking Malt.

If you are interested in GoRamp solutions and how we can help your business feel free to contact us and register for a demo.

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