How Sakret Reduced Costs and Human Errors by 70% with GoRamp Freight Management System

Discover the benefits of a Transportation Management System (TMS) with GoRamp's solution. See how Sakret Lithuania reduced costs and human errors by 70%!


The logistics industry, a cornerstone of trade and commerce, has undergone significant transformations over the years. With technological advancements, new solutions like Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have emerged, reshaping how logistics are managed. Alexander Toropchin, director of Sakret Lithuania, shares insights on the impact of implementing GoRamp’s Dock Management System in their logistics operations.

UAB Sakret LT, established in 2006, quickly evolved from an importer to a leading producer of construction mixtures in the Baltic States. Launching production in 2008 at the largest dry mix plant in the region, located in Kėdainiai, Lithuania, the company has expanded its workforce to over thirty employees. Sakret LT offers a wide range of construction mixtures and components suitable for various construction, repair, and renovation works.
GoRamp's Transportation management system helped Sakret optimize their warehouse logistics

Saskret's logistical challenges and frequent human-error problems

As Sakret Lithuania expanded its operations, the complexity and scale of their logistics challenges also grew. The company, renowned for its construction mixtures, found that its rapid growth was outpacing the capabilities of its existing logistics processes. This misalignment led to several key issues that needed immediate attention:

  1. Untraceable logistics procurement: Sakret faced significant difficulties in tracking and managing their freight procurement process. This lack of visibility meant that when problems arose, identifying their root causes was nearly impossible. The inability to track shipments effectively led to delays and inefficiencies that rippled throughout their supply chain.
  2. High transportation costs: Limited in their choice of carriers, Sakret was often compelled to settle for transportation options that were not cost-effective. This constraint not only inflated their logistics expenses but also limited their flexibility in responding to changing market conditions and demands.
  3. Frequent human errors in arrangements: The manual processes employed in arranging for merchandise transportation were prone to human error. These errors, ranging from incorrect scheduling to miscommunication with carriers, resulted in operational inefficiencies. Each mistake had the potential to cause delays, additional costs, and disruptions in the supply chain.
  4. Lack of efficient communication channels: The existing communication channels between Sakret, their carriers, and other stakeholders in the logistics process were not optimized for efficiency. This lack of streamlined communication further compounded the issues of scheduling, tracking, and managing the transportation of goods.

These challenges represented significant barriers to Sakret Lithuania's continued growth and efficiency. The need for a comprehensive solution that could address these issues holistically was clear.

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The GoRamp transformation: enhanced efficiency and reduced costs

To address these challenges effectively, Sakret integrated GoRamp’s Freight Management Software for transportation management. The integration of GoRamp's Transportation Management System (TMS) marked a pivotal shift in how Sakret Lithuania managed its logistics operations. This transformation brought about several significant changes, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs. The key areas of improvement included:

Expanded carrier options and reduced Costs: By utilizing GoRamp's extensive network of carriers and spot bidding feature, Sakret Lithuania expanded its pool of transportation options. This expansion of choices enabled them to select more cost-effective and efficient logistics partners, leading to a noticeable reduction in transportation expenses by 10%. The ability to compare and choose carriers based on various criteria like cost, reliability, and transit times allowed for more strategic and economical decisions.

Streamlined Operational Processes: The introduction of GoRamp's TMS greatly streamlined Sakret’s operational workflow. The system's user-friendly interface simplified the process of scheduling and managing shipments, reducing the time and effort required to organize transportation. This optimization led to a substantial 70% reduction in operational work, allowing staff to focus on more value-adding activities.

Minimization of human errors: The digitalized and automated features of GoRamp's TMS significantly minimized the risk of human errors that were prevalent in the manual processes. The system ensured accurate data entry, scheduling, and coordination, leading to fewer mistakes and miscommunications. This improvement not only saved time but also enhanced the overall reliability of Sakret's logistics operations.

Enhanced communication and dispute resolution: With all logistics information centralized in the cloud-based TMS, communication between Sakret, carriers, and other stakeholders became more efficient and transparent. This improvement in communication facilitated quicker resolutions of any disputes or issues that arose, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Data-driven decision making and analytics: The analytics module of GoRamp’s TMS provided Sakret with valuable insights into their logistics operations. By analyzing data on carrier performance, transportation costs, and delivery times, Sakret could make more informed decisions. This data-driven approach allowed for continuous optimization of their logistics processes, aligning them more closely with the company's strategic goals.

Overall, the transformation experienced by Sakret Lithuania was comprehensive, touching on all aspects of their logistics operations.

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A testament to strategic and easy logistics management

One of the primary reasons for choosing GoRamp was the full traceability it provided in transport procurement.

According to Alexander “GoRamp Transportation management system helps me as a company manager to see company results in a convenient and clear way. This helps me develop future strategies and efficiency plans that further optimize our business processes and provide only the highest quality services to our customers.“

Sakret Lithuania's experience with GoRamp’s TMS is a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions in logistics management. Their story serves as an inspiration for businesses facing similar logistical challenges, highlighting the benefits of efficiency and cost reduction through strategic digitalization.

For businesses looking to enhance their logistics operations, the success stories of companies like Sakret Lithuania offer valuable insights. To discover how GoRamp’s Transportation Management System can benefit your operations, contact us for a detailed demo and further information.

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