How Viking Malt Cut Operational Costs by 50% and Eliminated Warehouse Congestions

Learn how GoRamp's solution catered to Viking Malt's unique challenges and saved them half of their operational costs while eliminating truck congestion at their warehouses and increasing their efficiency.

Viking Malt's malthouse in Finland

The journey from production to distribution in manufacturing, especially in a sector as specialized as malt production for beverages, is fraught with complexities. Viking Malt, a leader in malt production, recognized the need for a more efficient distribution system to ensure their high-quality products reached distributors effectively. Ina Pusnienė, Sales Manager at Viking Malt, shared how GoRamp’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) revolutionized their supply chain processes.

Viking Malt stands as a cornerstone in the beverage industry, particularly known for providing top-quality malts for beer, whiskey, and baking products. Their expansive operation includes six malting houses strategically located across the Baltic Rim. Viking Malt’s commitment to quality and efficiency is evident in its annual production capacity, reaching 600,000 tons, necessitating a robust and well-coordinated transportation strategy.
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Challenge: Tackling distribution roadblocks

Viking Malt’s extensive network posed unique challenges in managing a supply chain that not only meets local demands but also caters to a global market. The primary challenge for Viking Malt was managing the constant flow of traffic at their warehouses. This traffic congestion was not merely a logistical issue but also a symptom of deeper communication breakdowns within the distribution network. Dispersed information across various platforms led to a chaotic environment, characterized by:

  • frequent truck congestion, leading to delays and inefficiencies,
  • complicated and disjointed communication channels, hindering smooth distribution operations.
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GoRamp’s Time Slots Management: A tailored solution

Viking Malt’s adoption of GoRamp’s Time Slots Management System marked a turning point in addressing these challenges. This innovative system allowed for structured scheduling of warehouse operations, effectively mitigating traffic congestion. 

By centralizing information on a single platform, GoRamp facilitated a seamless flow of communication, ensuring that every stakeholder in the distribution chain had access to consistent and accurate information.

The implementation of GoRamp's warehouse management solutions  led to significant operational improvements for Viking Malt that reflected in several key areas:

  • Operational time efficiency increased by 50%, allowing for faster and more reliable distribution.
  • A 50% reduction in operational costs, contributing to overall business profitability.
  • Complete elimination of truck congestion at warehouses, resulting in smoother day-to-day operations.
  • Enhanced communication within the supply chain, ensuring clarity and precision in logistics processes.
  • Overall logistics optimization, leading to a more streamlined and effective distribution system.
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Setting new standards in logistics

Viking Malt’s decision to partner with GoRamp was driven by the system's user-friendly interface, quick integration capability, cost-effective subscription model, and exceptional customer support. These factors played a crucial role in Viking Malt's successful logistics overhaul, paving the way for a sustainable and efficient supply chain.

Viking Malt's journey with GoRamp demonstrates the transformative power of an effective Warehouse Management System in the manufacturing sector. Their success story inspires other companies facing similar logistical challenges, showcasing the impact of strategic supply chain optimization.

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