Easy Warehouse Management System? Kompak Response

A warehouse management system allows companies to simplify their logistics processes by providing clear warehouse schedules, tailored by users preferences.

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Easy Warehouse Management System

There is a saying “Perfection lies in simplicity” and there are plenty who agree with it. Today's article is all about such saying, as we are sharing one more GoRamp customer success story about optimizing logistics processes with a Warehouse management system featuring Kompak Nederland and its Production Planner Frits Hasselo.  

Kompak Nederland is one of the leading companies for co-packing and co-making in Europe in FMCG Industry. To find out more, visit their site.  
warehouse management system
Kompak Nederland logistics process management with Warehouse management system

Lack of Clarity for Logistics Operation

While Kompak's manufacturing operation was doing great, unfortunately, they noticed warehouse logistics processes struggled to keep up. Without having right tools to clearly see their performance it was difficult to improve their results while failing to understand the root of their issue. One thing was clear though, their loading capacity was smaller, than arriving truckers were expecting. In short, Kompak main issues to address were:

  • Unclear warehouse performance
  • Limited loading capacity

To provide a solution - Time Slot management system was selected. Equipping warehouse with clear schedule, adapted to Kompak operational abilities, their ramps can be used in the most efficient way, while reducing employee's workload. Since all logistics details are stored in a single platform, obtaining relative information about their performance becomes a welcome by-product.

How does the Warehouse Management System Work?

time slot management at warehouse
GoRamp's Time Slot management helps to maintain order in a warehouse

Warehouse management system allows companies to simplify their logistics processes by providing clear warehouse schedules, tailored by users preferences. On top of it all information is stored in a single place, which greatly assists in increasing communication and productivity among employees. As a result, companies can optimize their performance and avoid overcrowded facilities. More on challenges solved by these systems you can find in our blog "Problems Solved by the Warehouse Time Slot Management"

Time Slot Management - Clear Performance, Simple Solutions

Within few days Kompak had already adapted this system to their personal needs and started reaping Warehouse management systems rewards. Optimized processes allow employees to avoid manual information sorting and reduce communication issues while increasing their performance. Storage facily has also became more productive as clearly distributed time slots allow for the most efficient use of time and resources throughout the day. Consequently arriving drivers do not need to wait around to be serviced, further improving overall time savings for Kompak logistics operation. Summarizing, main improvements of working with Time Slot management software are:

  • Drivers spend less time waiting for loading
  • Optimized processes assist employee's performance and communication
  • Warehouse efficiency increased due to clear schedules and time distribution
Frits response to why GoRamp was chosen: “Your Time Slot management system was easy to setup & use”. We think this perfectly highlights the advantages of our WMS software – it’s simple, easy-to-use & has features most logistics officers need.

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