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How to Increase Time and Cost Savings in Supply Chain? Elme Metall Response | GoRamp

How to Increase Time and Cost Savings in Supply Chain?

The manufacturing industry among many others relies on logistics so their goods could reach end customers, completing the business cycle. Naturally having flawless distribution operation is an aspiration. Today we have Tautvilas Barauskas, director of Litmark MK, Elme Metall division in Lithuania sharing how GoRamp's Warehouse management system (WMS) has assisted in taking one step further towards impeccable logistics management.

time and cost savings in supply chain
Elme Metall is the largest metal service centre in the Baltic States and Scandinavia, providing services in processing and pre-processing of metal products. Elme Metall offer services from engineering to fabrication of integrated steel solutions. One of the newest additions to the Elme Metall family is production and logistics complex in the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone in Lithuania

Congestions and Limited Ramp Accommodation

Elme Metall started looking for improvements to their transportation operation. At the time their warehouse struggled to accommodate all incoming traffic, since it was lacking an organised system. This resulted in issues to evenly distribute truck flow throughout the day. Forming queues of drivers would jam up Elme Metall premises and long waiting time caused penalties as goods could not be loaded following original schedules. Company have identified that such issues are also impacted by imperfect internal communication model. Miscommunication and human errors partly contributed to before mentioned vehicle related issues and at the same time slowed down overall operation speed. Summarizing, issues that had to be taken care of are:

  • Distribute daily truck flow
  • Reduce trucks queues
  • Avoid penalties
  • Simplify internal communication

GoRamp suggested solution for such issues regarding warehouse operation – Time Slots management system. Simple interface allows everyone to effortlessly distribute workload while preventing congestions at customers premises, occupying number of ramps, that employees can accommodate. Gathering all details to same place allows for smoother communication, reducing risks of errors on all parts of orders processes.

time and cost savings in supply chain
With GoRamp's Warehouse management system operating costs were reduced by 25%

WMS Benefits for Supply Chain

After their successful integration of Warehouse management software, improvements emerged to the light of day. Incoming traffic was tamed, eliminating traffic jams around their warehouse, while simultaneously addressing penalties for being late. In the meantime employees working at ramps would no longer have to feel pressure from endless amount of vehicles outside, while better understanding their capabilities. Simplified communication allows all supply chain to be more effective, and overall improvements allowed Elme Metall to reduce operating costs and increase time savings by 25%! In short, WMS assisted in accomplishing:

  • Improved supply chain communication
  • Controlled flow of incoming traffic
  • Reduced waiting time for drivers
  • Time savings increased by 25%
  • Operating costs reduced by 25%
We are happy that response regarding inquiry why GoRamp was chosen as Elme Metall logistics solution was our quick to integrate and easy to use interface. We believe that simplicity to use is core element in stepping up logistics to new heights. Thank you for Elme Metall for believing in our products, and we will remain chasing perfection in WMS solutions market.

Managing warehouse's operations is a big responsability. To help you improve your warehouse's processes we wrote a blog "Your Warehouse Efficiency Killers and How to Avoid Them". Besides, to see more success stories from GoRamp customers click #SuccessWithGoRamp

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