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How to Optimize Your Warehouse Management?

Smooth operations are one of the traits of a successful business. But optimizing your daily operation is not always that easy, right? Today we have a successful example of increasing warehouse efficiency by implementing a Warehouse management system at the courtesy of Justė Prunskienė, Business Development Manager for ECSO.

In 2009 the company UAB ECSO was founded. Initially, ECSO’s core business was collecting secondary raw materials and preparing them for sorting. The company has been successfully expanding its activities and cooperating with foreign markets, which help the company create economic value – Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and others. ECSO's greatest asset is its openness to innovation and its efforts to keep up with the latest technology in manufacturing processes. There is also a strong focus on product quality and control.

Understanding Your Capabilities

ECSO has identified that their warehouse is not operating at peak efficiency, which affected their overall performance. The sight of queued up trucks around their premises was a common occurrence. Because of that, incoming drivers had to spend more time waiting for their turn to park up in front of a ramp. Naturally, as everything took more time than anticipated, anxiousness regarding penalties became apparent. Unfortunately, due to limited resources that can be allocated to each loading point, before mentioned congestions of vehicles could not be resolved by simply trying to work harder. So main issues to resolve were:  

  • Accumulating truck congestions around loading ramps  
  • Long waiting times for coming trucks  
  • Limited resources for loading

As a solution Time Slots management system was selected. With simple to integrate and use Warehouse management software warehouse operating hours can quickly be optimized considering all existing limitations, leaving incoming trucks only serviceable periods to choose from, while making sure that workload does not exceed warehouse capabilities. On top of that, storing all required information in a single place reduces the order creation process further optimizing the logistics process.

warehouse management
Warehouse management system GoRamp eliminates queues at the yard

Better Use of Time throughout the Day

According to ECSO, improvements were visible straight from the start. Employees no longer have to perform so many steps to reach the same results. Holding all relevant details in a single place also improved their communication on top of their efficiency. Reorganized warehouse operations allowed to increase their loading capacity by 20%. In the meantime, due to such a productivity boost, drivers upon arrival to ECSO can also take an easy breath, as their waiting time before their purpose of arrival has been reduced by 40%. Summarizing, since WMS implementation, obtained results are:

  • All information was centralized, improving employee's efficiency and communication  
  • Loading capacity was increased by 20%  
  • Drivers waiting time was shortened by 40%  
We are happy to assist ECSO in improving their warehouse efficiency and we are grateful that GoRamp was chosen as ECSO's Warehouse management system provider. We are looking forward to developing a long-lasting relationship between us, which will be built on our common goal – to provide our customers with the best quality product.

On more improvements to your warehouse read our blog "Your Warehouse Efficiency Killers and How to Avoid Them". Besides, to see more success stories from GoRamp customers click #SuccessWithGoRamp

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