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Innovative Logistics Solutions

Living in times where innovative breakthroughs are a daily occurrence, being constantly up to speed takes effort. Needless to say, finding good innovations for your business takes even greater effort. FUDO came to a point where their warehouse operation was waiting for new innovative methods to improve their performance. Head of Logistics Ramūnas K. selected method to perform this operational change - GoRamp Warehouse management system.

UAB FUDO is one of the largest Lithuanian and all the Baltic region enterprises which has been working in the business of forest goods since 1997. The company provides the best forest berries and mushrooms, producing wooden packaging and offering cold storehouse rooms for lease and services of customs terminal. The services are provided quickly and professionally, the enterprise activity is organized following the quality management and food safety Standard FSSC 22000. The subdivisions of UAB FUDO are working in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The abundant circle of partners ensures the continuous provision of raw material and stable work all year round. For more details, visit Fudo website.

Underperforming Warehouse Operation

While doing everything they could to get the best performance of their warehouse, FUDO still was not satisfied with its performance. Without structure to fluently accommodate incoming truck drivers, long waiting times became present. With the tension of being in a hurry apparent to all parties involved, unfortunately, truck congestions were more resembling Snake video game rather than textbook warehouse operation. So main issues were clear:

  • Long waiting time for drivers
  • Queues of trucks forming at the warehouse
wms system
Warehouse management system GoRamp helps to keep order in a warehouse

WMS as an Innovative Solution

Resolving such issues is no miracle, simply integrating Time Slot management system to FUDO warehouse made all the difference. Easy-to-use software made employees work more direct, reducing communication-related issues. Clear warehouse schedule changed the game from Snake to Candy Crush – eliminating piling up queues of moody drivers, and allowing FUDO to celebrate their improvements:

  • Simplified single system operation, holding all required details
  • Eliminated truck congestions at their warehouse
FUDO advised that they chose GoRamp as their Warehouse management system provider due to very affordable subscription costs and their need for an easy-to-use innovative solution. We are glad to provide a logistics solution for another of our customers and hope for a long-lasting relationship for the years to come.

Improving warehouse operations can be a nerve-wrecking responsibility. To help you with this process we wrote a blog "Digital Warehouse Management: Why do Some Cases Fail?" Besides, to see more success stories from GoRamp customers click #SuccessWithGoRamp

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