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What is Dock Scheduling?

Logistics IT solutions are emerging, and the standard for managing processes through verbal information, Excel files, notebooks, or phone calls and emails, which existed just a few years ago, today gives way to innovative, easy-to-manage online solutions, such as Dock management systems, that not only help detect hidden shortcomings in the supply chain, but also improve the efficiency of logistics process management.

One of Such Solutions – Dock Scheduling System

Dock Scheduling
GoRamp's Time Slot management tool

These types of systems help optimize the operations of warehouse workers and loading platforms. The solution also reduces truck downtime and eliminates chaotic truck clutter and unnecessary movement in the warehouse. One of the most important values in the long term is centralized information, which allows complete traceability and the development of efficiency plans.

The Dock scheduling system optimizes the delivery process as a whole and provides additional functionality for transport logistics management systems. We cite one of the warehouse employees:

“Dock scheduling systems push us out of the dark ages, provide transparency and basis for analysis, as well as complete control over the arrival and unloading/loading process of trucks, and provide resource management. Isn’t it true that digitization of some processes seems so important, but greater supply began to emerge quite recently. In the initial stage of supply chain management, many companies control information using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. At the other end of the production process, they use the Warehouse management system (WMS). However, prior to occurrence of Time Slot management systems, companies did not have an opportunity to control the time interval from the time the goods arrive to the warehouse and until they are unloaded, or vice versa, to complete digitization of the goods leaving the warehouse. These systems provide process visibility, which ultimately increases customer service levels.”

Time = Money. How Dock Management System can Help?

Often, Dock scheduling systems not only provide more convenient management, but also save direct costs. For example, when drivers arrive at the warehouse, they have some certain time to unload or reload their cargo. Downtime caused by uncertain work schedules results in paying fines, which often become additional time for dispute resolution. Without traceability, a lot of time and money is needed to control verbal information.

Dock Scheduling
Dock scheduling tool helps to eliminate queues in the yard

Also, supply chain management systems optimize loading and unloading operations, saving time and money as well as improving both employee quality and customer service. Dock scheduling systems can increase loading and unloading performance and optimize cargo delivery management by 30%.

Such warehouse management tools help significantly reduce work and administrative resources, warehouse staff load, and have complete, digitized information and documentation of ongoing work.

Combining such solutions with TMS cloud-based logistics solutions ensures real-time communication with supply chain partners and online shipment management. This makes the whole logistics chain seamless and easy to manage. Monetary and human resources are decreasing.

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Cost of Dock Scheduling Systems

Cost can often be a reason to discourage systems deployment within a company, but it is important to realize that creating individual solutions within a company is not only popular because of the high time and cost involved in project implementation, administration, and upgrades, but it also makes little sense. There are more and more solutions on the market that solve problems both individually and in combination. Numbers suggest that cloud technology can significantly reduce a company’s operating costs, as the customer only pays a monthly rent for the site, which is several times less than the real cost of the product, even after taking several years of cash costs. Solutions are constantly updated and always up to market standard, and product support is provided by the solution provider. In fact, using the Dock management system has become an absolutely affordable tool for both large and small businesses with relatively modest budgets. The benefits are obvious in both cases.

Thus, Dock scheduling systems allow for optimization of logistics processes, are easy to deploy and deliver measurable results in cost savings. It also allows companies to centrally manage all information, have full traceability and create efficiency plans.

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