Top Tips to Get Everyone on Board with Dock Scheduling Platform

Maximize the benefits of a dock scheduling system for your company by getting everyone on board. Overcome obstacles with our guide and easy-to-use tool.

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So, you have decided to get a dock scheduling platform for your company. You know what it is, how it could benefit your operations and you would be happy to start using it right away. But before that can happen, your colleagues, managers and carriers also need to understand and accept that idea. Dock scheduling platform benefits might be obvious to you but others might need convincing and proof.

Dock scheduling platform makes your dock reservation process better in every way - it eliminates truck lines at the warehouse, cuts hidden costs of manual dock scheduling and solves many other issues. Even though the Dock scheduling platform can be easily launched in a few days, getting everyone on board with it is where businesses often encounter difficulties. If your colleagues and partners won’t fully accept and understand this change you won’t be able to maximise the value and benefits that a dock scheduling platform offers.

Throughout the years, we have noticed recurring situations and obstacles when implementing a new Dock scheduling software. The good news is that you can easily overcome them. Here is our guide on what is dock scheduling and how to get everyone on board with the Dock scheduling platform.

dock scheduling platform
It is easy and efficient to manage your warehouse with a Dock scheduling platform such as GoRamp

Identify Key People and Begin from “Why”

Change isn’t easy. Even change for the better. And it’s not the technical part that is hard but changing the mindset and adapting to the new ways of working. The Dock scheduling platform can be implemented in 2 days but when people have been manually booking docks for the last 20 years it can take some time to change their habits. It's also important to choose dock scheduling platform based on your needs.

In most cases, 3 main stakeholder groups must be on board to start using the new Dock scheduling platform - managers, end-users and carriers. Each of these groups has its interests and requires a different approach.

Firstly, the new platform needs to be approved by managers and usually, it involves multiple departments - warehouse, logistics, supply, manufacturing and even finance. To get this group on your side, you need to come prepared with identified problems, solutions and the monetary value of it. A good place to start is to look at the common poor dock scheduling consequences - fines for truck detentions, warehouse overtime, mixups at the loading docks, complaints from carriers, customers and employees. Compare the cost of truck detentions and warehouse overtime with the cost of the Dock scheduling platform and you will have a strong business case. Not to mention numerous other benefits that come with the Dock scheduling platform - from better visibility to streamlined processes.

manager at warehouse
99% of carriers gladly accept and use Dock scheduling platforms

End-users are your warehouse workers and people from other departments that will be using the Dock scheduling platform daily. Keep in mind that people don’t always want to start using new platforms simply because they are used to the old processes. The best way to convince them - show them how easy it is to use the Dock scheduling platform. Demonstrate how much faster it is to make a dock reservation and explain how it will drastically reduce the amount of repetitive manual work needed.

Carriers are the easiest group since they do not need any convincing. 99% of carriers gladly accept and use Dock scheduling platforms because it makes their daily operations easier and more efficient. The news that you are getting a Dock scheduling software will only improve your relationships with the carrier.

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References, References, References

References are a powerful weapon in your arsenal that you should always use. In some industries, you cannot even make a sale without a reference and we all know that a recommendation from someone you know is always more convincing than an ad. Support your arguments with real-life examples from other companies. Seeing how others have improved their operations with the dock scheduling platform will make your case stronger. Here are a few cases from our customers:

  • ECSO increased loading capacity by 20% and shortened drivers waiting time by 40%.
  • Viking Malt reduced operational costs by 50%.
  • Ziegler time savings increased by 50% and operational costs were reduced by 25%.

Is someone still not convinced? Ask your Dock scheduling platform vendor to organise a live testimony by one of their customers. Hearing it first-hand will disperse any doubts.

Make It Cear - It is Easy to Use

dock scheduling platform
GoRamp's Dock scheduling tool

Over the years, the transportation industry has seen many new platforms and IT solutions. Sadly, ease of use and good user experience hasn’t always been a priority for most of them. Probably everyone in logistics and warehouse management remembers a system that they had to work with which was complex, slow, underdeveloped and constantly crashing. And when your everyday work depends on it, it just creates dissatisfaction and frustration. Bad user experience made technology adoption slower not only at that time but also made everyone a bit more sceptical about all other systems. Who’s to say that the next system won’t be the same?

With our Dock scheduling platform ease of use is the number 1 priority. If people won’t understand how to use it, they won’t get the expected benefits and the platform would become obsolete. It is not rocket science.

manager at warehouse
Dock scheduling platform is a smart way to manage your warehouse deals

We have developed our platform with the user-first approach making it intuitive and easy to use. We perfectly understand that our platform will be used not only by 30-something users who easily get a hold of new technologies. We know that it will be used by users of all age groups and with widely different technology literacy. That is why we have made it as easy as ABC.

Somehow, there still is a common misconception that getting a new platform also requires having an IT specialist. We get this question quite often and the answer is always no. Dock scheduling platform is Software as a Service (SaaS) - it works on a subscription basis like Netflix or Spotify. You do not need to hire an IT specialist, you do not need to buy servers or install any programs on your computers. All you need is a computer and internet connection to log in and start using the platform.

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Tips for Day 1

Communicate. Communicate with your colleagues and carriers about the upcoming change. You might think that you’ve already talked enough about it and everyone already knows how and why the transition is happening. But that is not the case - the more you talk about it, the smoother the transition will be. Don’t forget to remind people why this change is happening and how everything will work after it. Consult with your colleagues from marketing or communication teams - they will help you to craft a compelling message.

Create A FAQ. A good idea is to create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) file and cover such questions as - when and how will it happen, who is the main contact, how to act in X situation and similar.

Organise a training. Teach your colleagues and carriers how to use the new dock scheduling platform before it is up and running. Record a webinar and create step-by-step memos for the most common scenarios - how to make a reservation, how to reschedule the existing booking, how to edit information, etc.

Start with a trial. Always start with a trial before committing to a particular platform. A 2-week trial is usually enough to fine-tune the platform to the specifics of your operation and see if it meets expectations.

dock scheduling platform
GoRamp provides a smart tool for your dock scheduling process

Start Your Trial with Us

Now that you know how to get everyone on board with a Dock scheduling platform, it is time to start your trial. Try out our Dock scheduling platform - we promise full support, regular improvements, smooth transition and exceeded expectations.

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